Wednesday, November 9, 2011

not the top ten...

Do you hang out for the top ten every Wednesday? What! You don't! Oh well, that's good because there isn't one this week. I've been too busy working and gallivanting off to Sydney and back and haven't had time to collect random bits of gorgeous decor and other pretty/striking/ thought provoking/ colourful/ quirky/insert own adjective here pictures. Sorry about that. But here are some snaps I took when I was in Sydney on the weekend. Consider it a consolation prize. Lovely house fronts in Woollahra...
Is it odd to take photos of tree stumps? No, I didn't think so either...
And to finish...some urban art in Newtown. Just ignore the rude word.
Hopefully we'll be back to normality next week. Whatever that is :-)


  1. Still lovely !

    Woolahra is my very favourite Sydney suburb


  2. A great consolation prize.

    I love to look at doors and wonder what lies behind.
    The tree stump had me bamboozled, at first I thought it was a giant leaf - makes you wonder.

    Happy day!

  3. Great shots Kerry! Love that first door :)

    Abbey x

  4. Hope you got yourself to Bistro Moncur for a tasty comforting meal xx

  5. Hello Kerry:
    Well, we are all for a change if it means a tour of Sydney, a city about which we know little and should love to know more. The colour chart house fronts look so attractive and what an amazing tree stump. Ten out of ten for Woolahra!

  6. Love the colours on that house in the first picture. Never mind the top 10, these houses are great.

  7. Loving that last shot. Then - I'm your original would be but never would be graffiti artiste. xxx

  8. the first door is stunning. I love a little colour on the door, surprise surprise!

  9. Oh Kerry, I love this post. I love a little sticky around an unfamiliar hood. Ta.

  10. Love the wall art, and the cuss word made me laugh! Your house fronts are great, and I kinda like tree stumps too ;)

  11. Love that tree stump - very pretty! And Woollahra is a gem, the houses are all so lovely. We lived about five minutes away before moving north, and it was such a nice place to while away the weekend - and spend far too much money! K xx


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