Wednesday, May 5, 2010

finally...a completed silver leafing DIY!

I know I said I was going to do something simple with the trash and treasure glass bottles last night...but sorry...I didn't. After reading stories about garlic infused olive oil and the risk of botulism I decided I needed to do a bit more research first...good idea right?
So...drum roll...I finished off some silver leafing instead...
I wish I could say that it was a home-grown inspiration to silver leaf some lotus pods...but alas, it was not. I got the idea when I was scrolling through the delights from the post Terri (La Dolfina) did on the Summer House store in Mill Valley. I did a double take when I got to this photo...
Ha! I have lotus pods and I have silver leafing stuff...and if I don't get something, anything, silver leafed, there will be blogger revolt! So the inspiration came from La Dolfina...and the much needed silver leafing professional advice came from my bloggy BFF and artist Kerri from Driftwood Interiors (I love that woman!) I'm sure we were separated at birth...but she got the silver leaf talent! She's doing an awesome kitchen makeover at the moment and is being a complete tease about it (still got to love her though)'s what she's revealed so far... keep on checking in to see whether she's finished

We email a fair bit and she sent me a message that partly went like this:
" I’m assuming you’re using cotton gloves so it [the silver leaf] doesn’t stick to your hands? I’m sure you are, but you’d be amazed at the number of my students who haven’t." give me far too much credit, and actually I wouldn't be amazed by your students at all!! They however would probably be amazed that at my age I didn't know better. Ah, yep! Then I'm thinking...cotton cloves...who in the heck has got gotten gloves lying around? These are much more my style...

My mother probably has cotton gloves but she lives 5 hours drive away and would probably like a surprise visit...but time...the silver leafing aficionados are waiting...patiently...sort of. Who would have thought you could buy cotton gloves from the supermarket along with the rubber ones...sheesh...still so much to learn!
Anyway...with weapons assembled (including a blush brush...another tip from Kerri) I was on my way...
There are no progress pictures I'm is simply not possible to silver leaf AND take photos of yourself making a huge mess at the same time. Nor is it advisable if you want to come across as all accomplished!
When I'd finished, they were a bit too I took to them with liquid shoe polish (black) to dirty them up a bit...the one on the right is untouched, the one on the left has been 'roughed up'...

I will give them a coat of something or other to protect them tonight but I just had to show you so I thought that could wait. Hope you like them...I'm thinking they're ok...and a whole lot cheaper than the real (silver) deal!

I'd better go and vacuum up all the little silver bits flying around my house now though...

all images except the leather gloves by me; that I of course googled. Oh yeah, plus the ones by Terri and Kerri of course! How could I forget my inspiration...!

And a quick post-script: when I woke up this morning I found that the amazing Dash from The French Sampler had given me the Beautiful Blogger award! I will thank her properly soon (need to get to work now) but I am truly very happy to get this from one of my very favourite thank you so much Dash. Now, what will I tell you all about myself...oh the possibilities!


  1. You've done so well - they look fabulous!!
    Another riveting post - I had to smile imagining the silver fingers.
    HAve a great rest of the week!!

  2. You always make me laugh Kerry! I would have gone right into the silver leafing without gloves too :) The lotus pods look sooo good! Love them, well done!!!

  3. How pretty!! These are truly works of art. And congratulations on your award! :-)


  4. that turned out fab Kerry, they look gorg!!! Can't wait to see Kerri's finished kitchen too, its going to look awesome. happy hump day darl xx

  5. Gorgeous!!! Love them Kerry:) What fabulous advice the lovely Kerri gives out too - cotton gloves, who knew? Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday ~ Tina x

  6. They turned out beautiful! I have a confession: I didn't even know what silver leafing WAS, let alone know enough to wear cotton gloves! That's why I couldn't wait to see the project :-)

  7. Oh you sweet thing, you give me far too much credit! Just a few little tips make a huge difference, but the talent is all yours! LOVE the lotus pods - and I will have to remember the liquid shoe polish, great idea. Thanks so much too for mentioning my kitchen makeover, how lucky I am to have such a lovely bloggy BFF?!? xxx

  8. They look great. I'm glad you told me what those things were - I looked and looked at the photo the other day and thought they were some kind of seive. Mystery cleared up - they are seed pods, now silver seed pods. Way to go.

  9. They are great ! So you haven't learn everything yet ? :) Neither have I.


  10. They look amazing, I love them. Well done! Rxx

  11. Totally ace silver work, the lotus pods are fabulous, love Posie

  12. Kerry - LOVE YOUR PODS!!!!

    You are such a 'TOGETHER WOMAN' - Do you ever feel like this?????????????????


    Tracey x o x

  13. ....ooooops, sorry, see - below for today's post x o x o Tracey at

    Hope your day has been better than mine Kerry!

  14. KERRY - I ADORE YOUR HONESTY AND YOU CRACK ME UP!!!!!!!!!!!!! I follow yours and Tina's blogs religously - why -????????? because you are honest.

    I have replied to you on my blog and also on your blog (even though this isn't quite kosher) but this is the way I like to do it).

    Women, deserve a salary just because they are women!

    I note that you are a consultant by day and I cannot imagine the stress and responsibilty that curtails that position!!!!!

    From one woman to another - well done on getting through, yet another ridiculously busy, insane day!

    Tacey x o x at Velvetine Lily

  15. Kerry -

    After 2 red wines, I am putting it out there. You blog and Tina's at Rubies Place - are my 2 favourite blogs. I have indicated this on Tina's blog F.Y.I. Thanks for keeping it real. If I haven't been online blogging for a week, the 2 blogs that I check immediately are yours and Tina's. I thought you should know that.

    Tracey at Velvetine Lily blogspot x o x o

    Tracey at

  16. Kerry - you funny character -

    Regardless of the red wine - I am quite sincere about your blog - I LOVE IT!

    As I indicated on my blog, I hope you find the cat under the table of silver leafing - but much more importantly - the red wine !!!!!!!

    Have a lovely evening, Kerry and please give your condolences to your partner - another tortured teacher! He, he he... Tracey at Velvetine Lily blogspot x o x o x

  17. Kerry, they look great. Who would have thought to wear gloves? Could you do a little instructional post on silver leafing? I know nothing about it, but since reading your post I feel kind of inspired. Mind you, I am not about to take on a bentwood chair, that would be, well um er um crazy?

  18. I am so interested in the silver leafing. I have a little project in mind.
    Have a great day ~ Carrie

  19. Kerry~ You did a fabulous job my friend!!
    The shoe polish was genius... they look every bit as beautiful as the ones from Summer House.
    A big high five on a brilliant DIY!!!!!!!!!!

  20. This project is stunning. I would love to attempt this. I would love to know how they got the different colors in the last pic? Thanks so much for sharing!!

  21. I love the silver lotus pods!! They look awesome. Might have to give it a go one day. Love your posts - you make me laugh :)

  22. They look fab, Kerry. I've been dying to try this. You've inspired me!

  23. Wow! Love it! I would really like to see this on Modern Craftswoman Monday. Please link it up if you have time. Rory

  24. Thanks for linking and helping to make this the most successful Modern Craftswoman Monday so far! Rory


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