Thursday, May 13, 2010

my DIY clock project

How hard could it be to make a clock? Pretty simple right? For some perhaps...stick with me while I give you a few lessons learned the hard way!
Lesson 1: when you think you have the right probably don't.
I had the plate which cost a whole $2.36 from a Target sale. I had a clock mechanism from a clock that was really cheap and I really didn't like. I had a drill of my very own. I had the MGM and his masonry drill bits (which I don't have). So, just drill a hole in the plate, pop in the mechanism and Bob's your uncle or Mame's your aunty (I wish). Ah, no. The masonry drill bit wasn't up to the task...leaving the MGM and his drill a bit...well, annoyed! This is as far as we got with the masonry drill bit...

...not very far at all. I do hope that you're impressed by the fact that I was clever enough to use masking tape so the drill didn't slip though!
Lesson 2: when you think it won't take will.
So, of course I knew that a trip to Bunnings to get the right drill bit would be needed. I did that one lunchtime. It took a while to find someone other than a 12 year old who didn't have a clue to help me. Of course, that someone came in the form of a thirty something woman...yay girl power! Alas, I didn't take the clock mechanism with me (semi-blonde, pre-menopausal girl power!), and she assured me that a 6.5cm drill bit was the standard size (for what I'm not sure) and should be fine. Nope. So back to Bunnings last weekend to buy more of the little suckers incredibly useful drill bits...a pack just to make sure this time! Which is moving this clock from el-cheapo into a little bit more than budget! Oh well, the price of DIY.
But it worked, although even with the right drill bit it took about a gazillion hours! I left it on the kitchen bench and would give the drill a whirl (or a whir) every time I walked past...until...hallelujah...

Lesson 3: when you think you're clever enough to do it as effortlessly as everyone else makes it look in aren't.
See Lessons 1 and 2 above for why that's as true as true can be!!
Lesson 4: when you think it's all too much might not be.
I think it looks pretty good hanging in my bedroom. And that cat etching (Miss Chin by Australian artist  Frances Luke) is a lot less trouble than the vampire slayer...although it does look a bit evil...sorry about the reflection off the glass..

Lesson 5: if it makes you happy, and it actually tells the was worth it!
And it does...tell the time...really well. Even without having any numbers on it...because that was a whole world of pain I wasn't going anywhere near!
all images by me; the good, the bad and the just plain ugly.

And if you're after a bit of black and white of your own (did you like that segue?), don't forget to enter my glass art giveaway here. The MGM is mightily chuffed by all the lovely comments you've made BTW. Like the vampire slayer, he might be demanding his own blog soon!


  1. Hi Kerry, That's hilarious! The "things" we put ourselves through!! :) but in the end you have a beautiful clock...well done. Now onto the next project (as they say)...Have a great day. Michallee x (Treasures from Moira's Armoire)

  2. Oh, who's the rockstar now? Look at you go! That looks fantastic, and I'm sure it was worth all the pain? I'm thinking you'll be whipping up a couple of slightly more involved projects, I don't know...probably a silver-leafed chair or something equally fabulous!! K xx

  3. Love the comment about moving from being el-cheapo into a little bit more than budget! Happens all the time. Clock looks really pretty!

  4. Look at you Miss! Your clock looks fabulous!! I love that you keep it real Kerry!! Will we be seeing an Etsy shop opening sometime soon? I am serious!!! Great job on the clock. Hope you have a wonderful Thursday my lovely ~ Tina xx

  5. Thanks for the tips! Your end result is great - in fact, very impressive!!

  6. Hysterically funny post but all in all, you ended up with a fine and funky clock!! Nicely done!


  7. What a fantastic idea. The clock looks fab!
    You always make me laugh Kerry!

  8. Too funny. If you hadn't given a blow by blow description, I would've sworn the end result was effortless! Looks lovely with that great etching.

  9. All your work paid off!! Looks gorgeous!

  10. Kerry, I always have that same trouble! I bought this big mirror a little while ago though the frame needed work so I thought one Saturday morning, "I'll just finish that off today". Well, half an hour at the local hardware store tryng to get what I wanted and I find out I need to go to a specialty supplier. Needless to say, the mirror is still not finished and now I'm not even sure my original plan will work!
    Your clock turned out great.

  11. Well done you! I would never have thought of making myself a clock! Looks gorgeous above the picture :-)

  12. Oh, I'm impressed ! Both by your clock and all THAT work. Bot also of your writing. I love reading your posts and following what you do. Thanks !!

    Have a nice day


  13. Sweet clock! I'm loving the plate you used! I will feature this at Grab my "featured" Button.

  14. Well done! What a great DIY project (even if it did take a bit of messing around to get the correct parts!!) Look fantastic x

  15. Oh Kerry you crack me up. I just popped in after having a huge rant on my blog and you had me laughing in no time. Next time, I will save myself the typing and just pop in here first.
    I love the clock, the pain was worth it and now you have all those handy drill bits for more deceptively easy looking projects. It's win win all round!

  16. Dear Kerry,
    Is there no end to your talents ? You seem to be able to turn your hand to anything, and you are definitely putting me to shame. There are lots of creative things that I need to do here, but I can't seem to work up any enthusiasm !! ...... but, you are inspiring me so, I must get those creative juices flowing and get off my **** !!!!
    Your clock looks brilliant....Will we be seeing the finished silver leaf chair ? hehe. XXXX

  17. Goodness! How many walls do you have spare in a tranquil townhouse? Is it new? Have you just moved in? I'm always envious of people who can hangs things in groups. You do tackle some hard jobs you know. Silver smithing and clock making etc. Just exhausting watching from the wings! :) Looks fab.

  18. This post cracked me up Kerry, so true.
    What a great result! Your effort and extra spending at Bunnings was certainly worth it!

  19. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yours is great too, and I'm adding it to my list of "lovely blogs"! Have a great day :)

  20. Wow! This clock is amazing! You are so talented and creative, great job!

  21. Very clever! The clock looks fantastic. I'm so impressed. Your blog is a little bit of sunshine in my day

  22. Aaah you are so wonderful! I love coming here.
    Very impressed with the clock!

    Hey, has the lamp arrived yet? I know it was shipped a while ago.

    xx Charlotta

  23. What a cool idea. I would have never thought of that. It looks great hanging above the picture. Thanks for the "lessons" in case I ever decide to try!

  24. Terrific work, Kerry!
    Thanks so much for your kind and supportive comment. Have a wonderful wknd. xo

  25. Such a clever and creative girl. My heart is going pitty pat.

  26. That is so cool! Thanks so much for sharing this on Favorite Things Friday!

  27. I love how this turned out! Great job!

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