Friday, May 7, 2010

soul food friday~ life's challenges

Sometimes life is great...sometimes...not so. I read a post a few days ago and knew that I wanted to share it for today's soul food friday (the one day of the blogging week where I try to be moderately thoughtful and deep!).  Julienne from Mostly Older than Me wrote about the connections of the blog world, and how...all of a sudden the items we see on the nightly news or read about in the paper are real...we are connected with the people who are living them because they are happening to other bloggers, or to their families or friends.  So please go and read Julienne's post here if you haven't already...she says it much better than I ever could. And her blog is always a great read...I never miss it.

And whatever your challenges, tomorrow or the next day...I hope they're small enough to be manageable and big enough to be meaningful. Or if they're overwhelming, that you know there are people...everywhere...who can help, or at least help you heal. 

Now off you go and enjoy your weekends bloggy people! And may your challenges be only of the decorating kind. I know mine will be...that bloody silver leafed chair that must be finished!! And the vampire slayer who refuses to move off my bed or the air conditioning vent in the study...

...which is where she is here...guarding the pile of material I need to do something about...that's my Certificate IV in Colour and Design stuff she's sleeping on! Note to self: find time to start that course...this weekend!! Maybe should dip into that Wisdom book as well...or would that be called procrastination?
Thank you so much to my followers, old and new. Your support means a great deal, especially during less than fabulous this one's been.

...and, the giveaway celebrating 100 supporters will be revealed sometime over the weekend...I promise :)

image 1 from here via here ; image 2 by me from a holiday in India; image 3 by me of that wretched cat (who is lobbying for her own blog with, I'd have to say [disappointingly!] some support from you lot...not happening on my watch bloggy peeps!)


  1. You sound like you need a relaxing weekend Kerry so let the silver leafing wait unless you really, really want to do it. I look forward to reading your daily entry - you are getting up and it's supper time here! Have a great weekend!

    PS: You are saving me a ton of money by not buying magazines. I just go from one blog to another which considering before yours I had never read one, blog reading has become a daily activity.

  2. Very true words, thanks for sharing! I hope you can have a very relaxing weekend. Go and lie down next to the Vampire slayer for a while, I think she's got the right idea :)

  3. Great post..I loved Julienne's, it was so well written. I said to her that I always tell my husband and my stepdaughters not to judge people too quickly as we can have no idea what they may be going through or have gone through. Love you lots, have a great weekend..Rxx

  4. Lovely post sweet, and here's to all of life's challenges being small ones. And I agree, sweet Buffy really does seem to have the right idea, so if she'll allow it, go share some space with her, it may just be the way to restore your mojo. Relax, kick the silver to the curb for the weekend, and recharge the batteries. Oh, and make sure you give yourself persmission to read as many blogs as you like! K xx

  5. Wasn't aware of this blog, or this topic. I shall go right over and visit to get updated.

  6. This is my first time at your Soul Food Friday and I have enjoyed myself. I do hope you have a more relaxing weekend...maybe follow in the path of the V.P. ;-D Anyway, I'm off to Julienne's blog. Thanks for a great post with some wonderful words of wisdom.


  7. Kerri, thank you for your kind words and for mentioning me. It's a wonderful world this blogging world of ours and I love all the visits we have with each other. I am now a devoted follower of yours. Have a wonderful day

  8. Wishing you a wonderful weekend dear Kerry! ~ Tina xx

  9. Oh, I hope your week improves very soon Kerry. Have a great weekend and beat that darn chair into submission!!

  10. Thank you for the lovely post... it was just what I needed after an anxiety ridden day, I'm so glad I stopped by!
    Wishing you the best weekend!!

  11. Oh that is so true, we are linked right round the world through our blog community...I must read Julienne's post.

  12. HI Kerry, I think Lenny and Buffy should get together and start their own blog!! I don't think Sonny would be upset at all, sounds like he wouldn't care less.
    I think you should put your fav. music on, don the cotton gloves and silver leaf the night away!!!

  13. Ohh I can't wait to see what your giveaway is! I'm headed off to see Julienne's blog now. Sorry your week was a bit challenging . . . hope your weekend is better. Find some time to relax!

  14. Going for a read, i think i missed that one.

    Have a great weekend petal, and a lovely mothers day!! {good luck with the flipping silver leaf!} : )

  15. such a thoughtful post. even the most challenging experiences make us better :)

    happy mother's day!

  16. Just popped across to read Julienne's post - so very true. Hope you have a lovely weeken and that next week is a much better one for you. Thanks for your sweet comment about my party planning too :)

  17. Sorry to hear you have had a less than fabulous week. Thinking of overcoming challenges as meaningful is such a lovely idea. Something I will try to remember when faced with next week's challenges:)
    I'm looking forward to seeing the chair finished.

  18. Hi dear Kerry, what a nice post, very touching!

    Have a great week end and I wish you a lovely new week!!!


  19. Oh kerry,
    It sounds as if you've had a bit of a rotten week and yet, you have still found time for a touching post.
    You can brighten your weekend up with a bit of silver leafing !!!! haha. Seriously though, try and find a bit of 'me' time. You sound as if you need some..... and, Buffy looks so comfy there. She won't thank you for moving her and, you know what a loving cat she is !! haha. XXXX

  20. Thanks for the 'soul food'! Rough week, lovely blogger? I'm going to check out Mostly Older Than Me.
    happy mom's day!

  21. Hi there! I just discovered your blog and love it!!! Just wanted you to know... Have a lovely Mother's Day, best wishes, Michallee

  22. Great post & lovely to meet you on Friday Kerry, hope you had a gorgeous time at Shop Handmade. Sorry i couldn't chat more, sooo busy with all the sales, yippee for handmade in Canberra!! Love Posie


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